24th - 26th August 2018 at 9:30PM
in the Haapsalu Episcopal Castle

Playwright: Piret Jaaks
Director: Siim Tõniste
Art Director: Kristjan Suits
Music: Peeter Rebane

“100 White Ladies” is a story of love, justice, and those who dare to dream.

When the Saare-Lääne bishop decides to send the county’s best men to the quarries during crop season, the local women must take on hard work and taxes themselves. Like many White Lady plays that came before, the story is based on the protagonist Maila: a simple farmgirl, who – despite repeated warnings from fellow villagers – stands up against the episcopacy and tries to bring positive change into society. On her journey she meets the canon Jacob, who promises to help her. Can one woman complete a difficult mission from the episcopal castle or does it take a hundred?

White Lady plays have been enacted in Haapsalu since July 1937 and annually every summer since 1979. This year, the 15th staged version can be seen on only three nights in August. “100 White Ladies” is dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.


Ott Raidmets ja Saara Nüganen
(Endla Theatre)


Ticket presale in the Haapsalu Culture Centre box office, Piletilevi online store ( and Piletilevi sales points across Estonia. This year, there are no discounts for pensioners or students.

1st June until
19th August


20th until 25th August

(At Piletilevi sales points and 1,5h before on the spot)


26th August

(Ticket price will not increase any further)


The Haapsalu Culture Centre box office (Posti 3) is open:

Mon-Fri 10.00-13.00; 14.00-18.00
Sat 10.00-15.00

The box office phone: +372 472 4480

Groups (from 10 people) are eligible for a 10% discount. The group discount can also be attained when buying tickets through Piletilevi, but only during the presale period until 23rd August. If you wish to pay via bank transfer for a larger group, we recommend ordering tickets via email: (please include: Name of the group / The payer’s name / Number of people )

Cast and crew

Playwright: Piret Jaaks
Director: Siim Tõniste
Art Director: Kristjan Suits
Music: Peeter Rebane

Maila – Saara Nüganen (Endla Theatre)
Canon Jakob – Ott Raidmets (Endla Theatre)
Canon Adolphus – Siim Maaten (ON Theatre)
Bishop – Juhan Lehepuu
Vogt – Indrek Pangsepp
Grandmother – Anne Pangsepp
Leeni – Sandra Saarniit
Sauna-Liisu – Katrin Arrak

In supporting roles: Aivar Rannus, Tiit Laur Randlaine, Eero Eks, et al.

Producer: Anneli Aken
Stage Manager: Pille Kippel
Lighting: E&T Valgus
Sound: Tiit Maivel
Many thanks: historian Ülla Paras


The play takes place in the yard of the episcopal castle. The number of seats is limited. This year, there are no separate tickets for seated or standing tickets – seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis. You may bring your own collapsible chair or (in the case of nice weather) picnic blanket.


Dogs, cats and other pets are not allowed at the play. The lighting and amplified music may cause pets to act unpredictably.


Check the weather forecast before coming to Haapsalu. We recommend bringing raincoats. A limited number of raincoats are available for sale on the spot. Umbrellas are not allowed.

The White Lady festival

Make sure you come to Haapsalu early to enjoy the programme of the White Lady festival. Since the Lossi plats and Vaba street parking lots tend to fill up quickly, you might need to park a short walk away from the castle. So it’s better to come early than to arrive at the last minute.


The duration of the play is 1 hour and 30 minutes, there is no intermission. Because the play starts late at night and includes serious content, it is not recommended for small children – simply because they might get bored. The amplified music and dialogue may disturb sleeping babies.


The toilets are located to the left of the main entrance and cost 50 cents.

1937 White Lady

Libretto prof Waldemar Langlet (Sweden), composer Ludwig van Raiter (Hungary), art director Bertil Damm (Sweden), in the leading role of the Estonian version: Elfriede Gross

1991 White Lady

Mihkel Tiks, composer Urmas Sisask, director Neeme Kuningas, art director Riina Vanhanen, in the role of the White Lady: Monika Kasonen

1998 The Prince of Denmark and the White Lady

Concept Hardi Volmer, Ott Sandrak, libretto Villu Kangur, Ilmar Trull, director Hardi Volmer, music by Roald Jürlau, art director Omar Volmer, in the role of the White Lady: Janne Beeren

2003 Legend of the White Lady

Libretto Andreas W, director Jarmo Karing, music by Sen & Max and Melotrap, art directors Piret Räni and Andres Rattasepp, in the role of the White Lady: Karin Rask (Lätsim)

2005 White Lady through the eras

Musical play based on sketches from 1979-2003

2008 Legend of the White Lady aka the Story of Becoming

Script based on Paul Kilgas, director Indrek Pangsepp, music by Arno Suislepp and Sirje Kaasik, art director Erno Võsa, costume designer Margit Saarsoo, in the role of the White Lady: Ragle Raudsepp

2012 Let’s Play the White Lady

Script Enn Vetemaa and Erki Aule, director Erki Aule, art director Eve Ormisson, music by Üllar Priks (Ugala Theatre), in the role of the White Lady: Teele Jurtom

2016 Through the Walls with Love

Script Jan Kaus, director Aleksander Ots, art director Karel Rahu, video artists Anti Rannus and Vahur Kuusk, music by Angela Aak and Lea Dali Lion, in the role of the White Lady: Loore Martma

1979 The Legend of Haapsalu

Libretto Paul Kilgas, director Ilmar Tammur, music by Gennadi Taniel, art director Voldemar Peil, in the role of the White Lady: Anne-Mari Vaas, later Pille Talvar

1995 The Legend of Haapsalu

Libretto Paul Kilgas, director Mauri Kuosmanen, music by Gennadi Taniel, art director Riina Vanhanen, in the role of the White Lady: Monika Kasonen

2001 Legend of the White Lady of Haapsalu

Libretto Paul Kilgas, Kaarel Kilvet, Juhan Saar, director Kaarel Kilvet, music by Peeter Konovalov, art director Silver Vahtre, in the role of the White Lady: Annika Mihkelson

2004 White Lady

Lugu ja lavastus Ago-Endrik Kerge, kunstnik Liina Pihlak, muusikaline kujundus Viive Ernesaks, koreograaf Janek Savolainen

2006 Stranger

Director Andres Lepik, script Peeter Volkonski, music: CCR, lyrics: Peeter Volkonski, live band: Melotrap, art director Priit Pangsepp, in the role of the White Lady: Marin Mägi-Efert

2010 White Lady

Script based on a novel by Johanna Enni von zur Mühlen adapted by Margo Teder and Katariina Lauk, director Margo Teder, music by Rivo Laasi, art direction EAA scenography students, stage and costume design Indrek Pangsepp, Margit and Moonika Saarsoo, in the role of the White Lady: Katariina Ratasepp (Kabel)

2013 The Secret of the White Lady

Libretto and director Anneli Aken, music by Toomas Lunge, movement director Kai Tarmula, choral arrangements Andres Ammas, in the role of the White Lady: Maarja Sukles

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